Meet the Team!

Beth Wilkinson


Dr. Beth graduated from Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. During the years following graduation, she worked as a veterinarian for a rural central Iowa spay and neuter charity and at a large practice in Des Moines, Avondale Animal Hospital. The experiences were very different, one building her surgical talent while the other diversified her medical knowledge and skills.

She loves owning a clinic with a small-town atmosphere, enabling her and the staff to have the opportunity to get to know their patients and clients on a more personal level. She and her husband, Brian, both grew up in the North Polk School District and are happy to be back to raise their children, Kelsi (14), Tyler (10), and Rylie (7). They also own 2 dogs, Cymon, a German Shorthair Pointer, and Roxy, a Toy American Eskimo Spitz, as well as a cat, Oliver.

Outside of work Dr. Beth and her family are active in both the Polk County and Iowa 4-H Program and enjoys supporting Slater and the community events!

Morgan Bond

Practice Manager

Morgan was born and raised in the Quad Cities. She grew up on a blueberry farm and spent a lot of time outdoors which is where she developed her interest in animals. After graduation, Morgan attended Iowa State University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Animal Ecology with an emphasis on wildlife and ecology!

Morgan has always loved working with animals and has always had an abundance of pets. She has a special interest in exotic species and exotic breeds. Her favorite thing about working with animals is seeing and experiencing all of their different and unique personalities.

She has two children, Fallon (9) and Addie (7) and loves spend time with them and play card and board games! Morgan also has 2 Afghan Hounds (Natalie and Jezebelle), 2 Bengals (Reba and Aspen), a Ragdoll (Silas), and a leopard gecko (Sushi). “I inspire to inspire others”!

Alexandra Goellner

Registered Veterinary Technician

Alexandra joined the team as a Veterinary Assistant in September 2019. She received her Bachelor of Science from Northwest Missouri State University in Agriculture and moved to Iowa to pursue an Associate’s degree from DMACC in Veterinary Technology. Allie became a Registered Veterinary Technician in November of 2022.

Alexandra has had a passion for Veterinary medicine since she was a little girl, helping her grandfather with his cattle. She loves meeting all new pets and creating positive relationships with them!

Outside of work she enjoys reading, traveling & spending time with her husband Brandon and their two darling pups Penny & Zuri.

Alex Ramirez

Veterinary Assistant

Alex is currently  a Junior at Iowa State University majoring in Animal Science and on the pre-Vet track! Alex has always had a love and passion for animals so she  feels this is the perfect profession for her.

When Alex went to visit Texas a few years ago she noticed an overwhelming amount of dogs and cats roaming the streets homeless and alone. It was a heartbreaking sight and from there she knew she wanted to do something to help these animals.

Alex has two cats named Luna and Hei Hei (from Moana).  In her free time she likes to visit her family and spend time with friends and also work at PetSmart during the week!

Natalie Seemann

Veterinary Assistant

Natalie is currently a junior at Iowa State University majoring in Animal Science and minoring in Biology. She loves meeting new animals and discovering their personalities. Every animal is so unique which makes the job so much more fun! She has a passion for science and has always loved animals so combining them was the perfect career for her. Helping sick animals isn’t always easy but being able to provide care for them is the most rewarding feeling.

Natalie has 2 cats (Louie and Ivan) and 1 dog (Vinnie). All are rescues and she even rescued Ivan from work (he came in as a stray)

Natalie is the trips coordinator for the Veterinarians without Borders Club at Iowa State University, so she plans/coordinates a yearly abroad trip to provide medical care for animals in underserved communities.

Nadine Garcia

Veterinary Assistant

Nadine Graduated from Iowa State University in May of 2022 with a bachelors in Animal Science. She grew up around animals and has always wanted to work with them and work towards becoming a vet for as long as she can remember.

Working in the veterinary medicine field was never a question and working in a clinic and being able to be apart of caring for the human-animal bond has solidified that for Nadine.

Outside of Slater Animal Hospital, she also works with horses and has a dog named Cleo!

Riley Timp

Veterinary Assistant

Riley is a Veterinary Assistant who started working at this clinic in October of 2018 and is currently a freshman at Iowa State University, pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Riley  has always known that she wanted to work with animals, so when she started her undergraduate degree, she was excited to take courses in animal biology and other related subjects. It was then that she knew she was in the right place, and her passion for veterinary medicine grew stronger with every class she took.

Nowadays, vet school takes up most of her life, and it can be challenging, but she is determined to make it through and become a veterinarian. When Riley is not in class or studying, she loves to visit wineries, read books, and spend time with her husband and our four cats. “They bring so much joy and balance to my life”!

Meredith Gray

Supervisor of ALL Things

Meredith was a street cat who came to the hospital as a Huxley stray in 2019. She’s quite happy here and has no desire to go outside since becoming a Slater resident! There are many things that Meredith loves about being the supervisor of all things, but here are a few of her true passions…

She loves sitting in her favorite chair and watching the fish in the tank, playing/sneaking into the shed, providing a helping hand in the exam room, disregarding personal bubbles, inspecting any and all open bags of food, causing a raucous to keep everyone on their toes, and messing up the printer by sitting on it!

During her free time, Meredith loves to nap and get all the love from her human servants!